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Power to Communicate with Customers in a Team Based Way

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What is Enabling Studio?

Enabling Studio gives organizations the power to communicate with their online customers in a team-based way. This real-time messaging application will run inside various platforms or completely standalone to handle customer inquiries and end user service requests.  We envision Enabling Studio to integrate with business processes and applications to enable organizations to provide a more robust customer service experience.  Enabling Studio will empower your non-technical associates to build and optimize business process workflows without the dependence of software developers. Our Enabling Studio solution is user-friendly and makes everything from configuring intents to dialogue conversations seamless and will allow your Customer Service Representatives to handle on average 5X’s more customer service requests and inquiries than a single human agent. We would like for you to experience and harness the power of Enabling Studio in your environment and to transform your customer service portal. Try our Enabling Studio solution for 60 days for Free!

Our Solution

Reports will give you in-depth knowledge of your chat service
and can assist you with optimizing your workload to be more efficient 


Increase Conversions

Allow Enabling Studio to be your networking tool by connecting you to your teams

Increase Conversions

The American Marketing Association found that B2B companies who used live chat see, on average, a 20% increase in conversions! Consumer Trends found that 90% of customers said the “Live Chat” button gives them confidence.

Reduce Your Costs

Enabling Studio provides a high level of service while decreasing handling costs by as much as 80%. One live chat agent talks with 10 times more people than a phone or email agent

Reduce Your Costs

It’s no secret that customer support can be expensive! According to research by Telus International, customer service agents can engage in as many as six (!) simultaneous chats, depending on the complexity of the issues involved.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

An Enabling Studio solution on your website will have the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel

Boost Customer Satisfaction

According to eDigital’s customer service benchmark, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.