To make things easy during setup, we have added the account admin as a user in the user’s tab And assigned them to a Team called Demo. We automatically added the demo team to a default chat widget for testing. To begin testing... Click the edit option from the Default Chat Widget. Scroll down the [...]

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Embed Widget

There are two different ways to embed a Chat Widget. Popout Window – The Popout option will open the chat dialog box in a separate browser window. Embedded – The Embedded option will embed the chat dialog box on the bottom right corner of a webpage For more information on how to embed a Chat Widget, please [...]

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Logging In/Out

To log into the Enabling Studio Admin Dashboard: Point your browser to https://app.enabling.studio/login Choose a method to log in ex: Microsoft, Google, etc

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Sign Up Process

***Note: When you sign up for Enabling Studio for the first time, you will be considered the Admin for all Users, Groups, Pages, and Customization's representing your company account. Go to www.enablingstudio.com Choose the option to Register for a free trial To register your account, please provide your company name and log in with your Microsoft [...]

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Enabling Studio gives organizations the power to communicate with their online customers in a team-based way. This real-time messaging application will run inside various platforms or completely standalone to handle customer inquiries and end user service requests. We envision Enabling Studio to integrate with business processes and applications to enable organizations to provide a more [...]

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